From food snoods to muddy paw cloths to hair towels, we have lots of items to make life easier for you and your dog

One of our original products and probably what we are best known for. When I stated raw feeding Nelson, I struggled to find a sensible design of snood to stop his ears going into his food and ended up making my own pour of a T-shirt sleeve. Then I though why can’t practical products look good as well as doing their job and thats where our ethos of making practical pretty started

These are great for many things; wiping those muddy paws before coming in the house, wiping slober off your dogs face, drying after a bath and also in the bath too

Our handmade patchwork quilts are totally unique and perfect for spoiling your pets. Their lightweight quilted design make them super comfy and ideal for a number of uses including; travel blankets, bed toppers, training mats, to name a few.  Lovingly hand made from a variety of high quality cotton fabrics with a plush quilted interior, they provide a good mix of comfort and durability for those pets who deserve a little bit of luxury!

Perfect for after a shower, swim, SUP,  kayaking etc. These are available with a cotton lining or towelling for different hair types, they roll up small making them ideal for taking away as well as at home

These are made from any remnant fabric as we like to have as little waste as possible.  They are available  with two different backings and come in a variety of sizes